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Frequently Asked Questions about Down Payment Assistance Programs

What are the basic things I need to qualify?
-Minimum of a 620-640 Credit Score
cannot have any Bankruptcies in the last 2yrs
cannot have any Foreclosures, Short Sales or Loan Mods in the last 3 years

(Note: Not Everyone with the above will qualify. You still Must go through the Full Loan Approval Process)

What type of Loan Program is this?
There are many types of Down Payment Assistance Programs. We offer all of them.

Today I'm going to Focus on the "

It is a Standard 30yr Fixed 1st mortgage combined with additional 3-5% Down Payment Assistance to Help you with
Down Payment and/or Closing Costs.

Important Details About the FHA 1st Mortgage:
-The 1st Mortgage is a Standard 30yr Fixed Home Loan. It Has to Be Paid Back Over 30yrs.
-You have to apply for a loan, send us documentation, and qualify for the loan.
-Not everyone will qualify.
-We use standard FHA Guidelines to qualify you.
-The loan process takes about 30 days to close.

Additional Details About the ZERO Down GRANT Program:
-The 3-5% Down Payment Assistance is a GRANT
-The 3-5% GRANT Does NOT have to be paid back

Is this Program Limited to $400,000 Purchase Price?
No, this program Only Has a maximum household Income Limit of $80,000

Other than the Down Payment Do I need Anything Else Out of Pocket?
Usually you need 3% - 4% in Closing Costs on ALL Home Loans

The seller of the house you want to buy can pay some or all of your closing costs.
If the seller pays ALL of your closing costs...you need ZERO Total Out of Pocket to Buy a House

If the seller pays ZERO, some, or none of your closing costs, you may need 3-4% to cover closing costs

We will help you find a Real Estate Professional who has experience negotiating closing costs for you.

Is this 3% Down Payment Assistance a Loan?
The Zero Down Grant = The 3-5% Down Payment Assistance IS A GRANT. The 3-5% Does Not Have to Be Paid

The FHA 30yr Fixed Mortgage Has to be Paid Back over 30yrs.

Do I Need to Be A First Time Buyer?
No. You do not have to be a first time buyer.

Do I need to buy specific homes or can you buy any home available for sale?
You do not have to buy specific homes. As long as the home is in California and it qualifies for FHA financing, you can
buy it with this program. WOW! That's a lot of homes?

Whats the catch?
There is no catch.

Do other banks and Lenders Have "Down Payment Assistance Programs"?
Yes...Other Banks and Lenders Do Offer this program.

If Most Banks Offer this Program WHY Didn't My Agent or Lender Tell Me About It?
Either they didn't know about it...or for whatever reason didn't offer it to you. It is real and it does exist.

If your agent or Lender doesn't tell you about this program...That is a Major Red Flag.
If a program like this exists, I would not want it kept a secret from you!

There are a couple of things to keep in Mind about other Lenders:
-Just because other companies or loan officers offer the Down Payment Assistance Program, this does not mean that
EVERY Loan Officer Knows how to work with these programs.

-9 out of 10 Loan Officers Have Never Closed these type of Loans.

-This program can take 60-90 Days to Close if your Loan Officer Doesn't have experience with this program.

-Do you really want someone without experience with Down Payment Assistance Programs to use your transaction as
a learning experience?

No Way!

When it comes to get Pre-Approved for an FHA loan with Down Payment Assistance,
Trust a Professional with Tons of Experience with Down Payment Assistance...
AL "the Loan Guy" Rivera.



We will help.

What do I need to do to get started?
It's Easy.

Simply Click on the "Apply Now" Button Below to apply for a Home Loan with Down Payment Assistance Today.

It Takes Only 15 minutes to Apply and You Get Your Results Within 24hrs

Once I Get Pre-Approved and Find a House, How Long Do These Take to Close From Beginning to End?
When you find a home and open escrow...it takes us about 21-30 days or less to close the loan.

Once I fill out my application Online, Can I make an appointment to meet with you and bring in my
Absolutely, after you fill out your online application, please put together ALL of your documentation that we ask for and
make an appointment at our "Down Payment Assistance Headquarters".


Location #1 - Montebello, CA (Monday - Friday 11am - 5pm) 1300 W. Beverly Blvd, Montebello CA 90640

With such a great program like this...What Are You Waiting For?
If You Would Like to Apply for
Down Payment Assistance

It Take's Less Than 10 Minutes and
You Get Results In Less Than 24hrs


If You Would Like More Information
Please Fill Out the Request Below

Important Note:
Please Be Specific with
What Type of Information You are Requesting)
The #1
Down Payment
Assistance Lender

AL "the Loan Guy"


For More Info Call:

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Learn How to Buy a Home
with Less than
ZERO Down!
In 30 Seconds or Less...
We will Explain How this Works:

What is this Program All About
How Can I Buy a Home with
ZERO Down?

What are the Basic Guidelines to Qualify for This?

-620 to 640 Credit Score or Higher

-Household Income Between $50,000 to $80,000 a yr

-No Bankruptcies in Past 2yrs

-No Foreclosures in Past 3yrs

-No Short Sales or Loan Mods Past 3yrs

DO NOT need to be a 1st Time Buyer

Does this sound like you? What's Next?

Step 1:
(Either Online or In Person)
You Complete an Application
and Send Us Income and Banking Documentation

Step 2:
In 24hrs or Less, We Run Your Credit, Review Your
Information and Help You Qualify for a Home Loan
with Down Payment Assistance.

Step 3:
If you are Pre-Approved...You start shopping for
homes that are located anywhere in the
State of California

Step 4:
Once you find a home that you like, it takes about
30 days for us to process your paperwork and for you
to get the keys to your house!

It's that Easy...We Keep It Simple!

Our goal is to help you buy a home with

Before you buy your next Home
and they require you to put any
money down...Contact Us First!

We are the Experts. This is Our Specialty.

Read Below For More Info
AL "the Loan Guy" Rivera

Montebello, CA
(Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm)
1300 W. Beverly Blvd
Montebello, CA 90640

Direct (562)587-5284
NMLS ID# 260314
Cities that we have closed many Down Payment Assistance Loans:

Los Angeles Down Payment Assistance,
Inglewood Down Payment Assistance,
Compton Down Payment Assistance,
Willowbrook Down Payment Assistance,
Lynwood Down Payment Assistance,
Southgate Down Payment Assistance,
Bell Gardens Down Payment Assistance,
Cudahy Down Payment Assistance,
Downey Down Payment Assistance,
Paramount Down Payment Assistance,
Bellflower Down Payment Assistance,
Lakewood Down Payment Assistance,
Long Beach Down Payment Assistance,
Norwalk Down Payment Assistance,
Santa Fe SpringsDown Payment Assistance,
Whittier Down Payment Assistance,
Pico Rivera Down Payment Assistance,
Montebello Down Payment Assistance,
Buena Park Down Payment Assistance,
Corona Down Payment Assistance,
Riverside Down Payment Assistance,
Anaheim Down Payment Assistance,
Santa Ana Down Payment Assistance,
Fontana Down Payment Assistance,
Chino Down Payment Assistance,
Chino Hills Down Payment Assistance,
Covina Down Payment Assistance,
West Covina Down Payment Assistance,
La Puente Down Payment Assistance,
Pomona Down Payment Assistance,
Ontario Down Payment Assistance,
Rancho Cucamonga Down Payment Assistance,
Pomona Down Payment Assistance,
Ontario Down Payment Assistance,
Norco Down Payment Assistance,
Moreno Valley Down Payment Assistance,
Hemet Down Payment Assistance,
Menifee Down Payment Assistance,
Temecula Down Payment Assistance,
Lake Elsinore Down Payment Assistance
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